Yasmin Raafat Adly

Yasmin Raafat Adly
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Introducing Yasmin Raafat Adly: Your Accomplished Arabic and Quran Teacher


We are thrilled to introduce Yasmin Raafat Adly, an esteemed Arabic and Quran teacher at Rasekhon Academy. With a solid educational background, extensive experience, and a range of Ijazahs (certifications), Yasmin is dedicated to helping students excel in their Arabic language and Quranic studies.

About Yasmin Raafat Adly:

Yasmin Raafat Adly is a highly qualified teacher who graduated from Dar Al-Oloom College, a renowned institution for Islamic education. With over 5 years of experience in teaching Arabic and the Quran, Yasmin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her students.

Why Choose Yasmin Raafat Adly as Your Arabic and Quran Teacher:

  1. Broad Ijazahs (Certifications): Yasmin holds various Ijazahs that validate her proficiency in different Quranic recitation methods and teaching methodologies. Her Ijazahs include Hafs and Shuba, Noor Al-Bayan, Norania, Jazaria, Tuhfat al-Atfal, Al-lamyya, and Al itqan. These certifications reflect her mastery of different approaches and techniques in teaching the Quran.

  2. Strong Educational Background: Graduating from Dar Al-Oloom College showcases Yasmin's commitment to her own educational development and ensures that she is well-versed in Islamic studies. Her solid foundation in Arabic and Quranic sciences enables her to provide comprehensive and accurate instruction to her students.

  3. Extensive Teaching Experience: With over 5 years of teaching experience, Yasmin has worked with students of various ages and backgrounds. Her experience has honed her teaching skills, allowing her to effectively tailor her approach to meet the unique needs and learning styles of each student.

  4. Patient and Supportive: Yasmin understands that learning Arabic and Quranic studies can be a challenging journey. She approaches her teaching with patience, empathy, and a supportive attitude, creating a comfortable and encouraging environment for her students to thrive and progress.

  5. Holistic Approach to Teaching: Yasmin believes in a holistic approach to education, integrating various teaching methods and resources to make the learning experience engaging and enriching. She incorporates interactive activities, recitation practice, and practical examples to ensure that her students grasp the fundamental concepts of Arabic and Quranic studies.

Begin Your Arabic and Quranic Journey with Yasmin Raafat Adly:

Enrol in Rasekhon Academy's Arabic and Quran courses and embark on an enlightening educational journey guided by Yasmin Raafat Adly. Benefit from her extensive experience, diverse Ijazahs, and passion for teaching as you delve into the richness of the Arabic language and deepen your understanding of the Quran.