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About Rasekhon Academy

Welcome to Rasekhon Academy
Your Gateway to Arabic and Quranic Excellence

Rasekhon Academy is a renowned Arabic and Quran Teaching Academy that offers a comprehensive range of Islamic courses designed to empower learners with deep knowledge and understanding. With a commitment to providing exceptional education, we aim to facilitate your journey towards mastery of the Arabic language and the profound teachings of the Quran.

Flexible Learning Options:

We recognize that every learner is unique, with different schedules and preferences. Rasekhon Academy offers both online and in-person programs to cater to diverse needs. Our online platform provides a flexible and accessible learning experience, while our in-person classes offer a dynamic and interactive environment for those seeking face-to-face instruction. No matter which option you choose, our courses are designed to maximize your learning outcomes.


Join Our Vibrant Community:

Enrolling at Rasekhon Academy makes you part of a vibrant and supportive community of learners who share your passion for Arabic and Quranic studies. Connect with fellow students, engage in meaningful discussions, and collaborate on projects as you embark on a shared quest for knowledge and growth.


Embark on Your Journey with Rasekhon Academy:

At Rasekhon Academy, we are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience that transcends borders and transforms lives. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as we equip you with the tools and insights to connect with the Arabic language and the profound teachings of the Quran.

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Qualified Teachers

We Have Highly Qualified Teachers

Nadya Mohamed

Arabic Quran

A highly skilled Quran and Arabic teacher with Ijazahs in Asim, Tajweed, Al Bukhari books, and Arabic grammar, she possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in these fields.

Rokia Saleh

Arabic Quran Islamic Children

With experience teaching students of all ages, from 5 years old to 57 years old, Rokia is known for her patience and enthusiasm in helping students overcome challenges.

Yasmin Raafat Adly

Arabic Quran Islamic Children

With extensive experience and a diverse range of Ijazahs (certifications), Yasmin is dedicated to helping students excel in their language and Quranic studies.